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What is SDunn.net?

I thought you’d never ask! SDunn.net is the online portfolio of Front End Engineer, Steven Dunn.

Steve is a versatile self-starter who takes initiative, loves learning, and brings determination and leadership to every team he joins. As a Front End Engineer, he is passionate about collaborating with other developers, designers, and clients to create engaging and memorable user experiences.

As technology evolves, developers should too. SDunn.net doesn't just showcase Steve's work; it also doubles as a personal playground to keep up with the latest development tools and trends. SDunn.net is a fully responsive website that achieves Google PageSpeed Scores of 97% and 91% (on desktop and mobile respectively) and loads faster than 98% of all tested websites!

See the Source Code section to verify the performance yourself or download the full source code for the project.

Want to contact Steve directly? Send an email to connect@sdunn.net or head over to the Contact section!


When faced with a one-week deadline on a project for Time Warner Cable, Steve on-boarded three new developers to a project, mentored them and managed the successful completion of over 50 tickets as the lead front-end developer.
- RJ Jafarkhani, Technical Director at Siteworx See More...
Steve was very professional and made the client feel comfortable, but also was very realistic with [their] expectations. He organized tasks and assigned them to those who were also put on the project at last minute and managed to complete the project on time with a happy client.
- Jim Schmatz, Software Developer at Siteworx See More...

Time Warner Cable needed a way to manage their growing network of wireless access points at various WiFi "HotSpot" locations in California. Siteworx designed a front-end solution that enables Network Administrators to easily manage settings at each location and view statistical data about connected users.

After taking ownership of the project, Steve led front-end development, managed code releases, and represented Siteworx in weekly meetings with the client. Notable technologies used on the project included HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, and jQuery.

Like most projects, we had our share of challenges and deadlines, but in the end, we delivered on-time and satisfied the client.

Steve served as the lead developer for our corporate R&D effort into a mobile, cross-platform [frameworx] with Xamarin; presenting the solution to the VP of Technical Services and our CEO. It goes without saying that Steve learns very quickly and can find solutions to complex technical problems.
- RJ Jafarkhani, Technical Director at Siteworx

Like all forward-thinking companies, Siteworx needed a cost-effective way to expand into the growing mobile market. In lieu of hiring a dedicated team of iOS developers, the company decided to research alternatives like PhoneGap and Xamarin to better leverage its existing resources.

Despite having no prior experience in iOS development, Steve researched the Xamarin framework and developed a REST-based iOS application in 40 days that uses Xamarin (C#) to sort, save, and display search results retrieved from a Hybris Web server.

Access to API documentation for Xamarin was limited, so Steve partnered directly with developers at Xamarin to learn about the framework and provide feedback on the company’s new IDE: Xamarin Studio. Steve’s solution was presented to Siteworx’s VP of Technical Services and was later recognized as a "great step forward" by the CEO in a company-wide meeting.

This section is coming soon! In the meantime, try re-sizing your browser to enjoy the beauty of responsive design!

This content is a work in progress. In the meantime, try re-sizing your browser to enjoy the beauty of responsive design!

Just Show Me the Code!

Show me yours and I'll show you mine? Ok, I'll just show you mine.

Sdunn.net is a fully responsive website designed and developed by Steven Dunn. The front-end was built with HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JavaScript, and jQuery. The source code is managed with Git using Terminal and SourceTree. The back-end consists of a server that hosts two instances of a single Git repository on different sub-domains (one for production and one for development). Terminal is used to establish an SSH connection with the server and make changes.

The site achieves Google PageSpeed Scores of 97% and 91% (on desktop and mobile respectively) and loads faster than 98% of all tested websites according to Pingdom.com! For comparison, analyze your own website with Google’s PageSpeed Insights or run your own speed tests on Pingdom (be sure to select the Dallas, Texas server).

This performance is achieved with the help of Grunt, which is used to automate the build process, optimize images, and minify all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

View the full Source Code for Sdunn.net on Github!


SDunn.net is a work in progress, but that's no excuse for bad code! If you'd like to report a problem with the site, please send an email to feedback@sdunn.net.

For all other inquiries, please email Steven Dunn at connect@sdunn.net.